Configuring surveys

You can configure surveys that users are asked to complete when a request is resolved. The users receive automated emails containing links to surveys. The surveys that the employees submit show the level of satisfaction with the case processing.

Before you begin

To configure surveys, you must have the following notification templates configured:

  • Survey–Notification
  • Survey–Reminder
  • Survey–Follow-up
  • Survey–Threshold Breach

For details on surveys configuration, see Configuring notification templates.

To add a survey

  1. Open the System Settings console.
  2. Select Foundation > Survey Configuration.
  3. Click New.

  4. In the Survey Details section, complete the fields:

    Parent Form

    The form that is used to trigger the survey distribution.

    By default, you can configure surveys only for cases.

    Survey NameUnique name of the survey.
    Allow anonymous surveyIndicates whether survey respondents can reply anonymously.
    Who will receive Surveys?Define who will receive the survey: a requester, a person on behalf of whom a case is opened, or both.
    Survey QualificationThe qualification that triggers the survey to be sent, for example: 'TR.Case Status' = "Resolved"


    Allow to Call Back option is not applicable for selection.

  5.  Complete the fields in the Survey Thresholds section:

    # of days untaken surveys remain before being deletedThe number of days that a survey that has not been completed should remain available before being deleted.
    Survey LimitingSelect the scope of surveys to be distributed:
    • Every survey should go out 
    • Survey X Percent
    Survey Percentage

    This field appears only if you select Survey X Percent from the Survey Limiting list.

    This field indicates the percentage of surveys that should be sent. For example, if you want a survey to be sent 50% of the time, enter 50.

    Initial Survey Notification TemplateSelect a notification template to be sent to persons specified in the Who will receive Surveys? field. This is the initial notification requesting to complete the survey.
    How Often Will Users Receive RemindersFrequency at which the survey reminder is sent.
    Max Number of Reminders to SendMaximum number of reminders allowed to be sent per recipient per survey.
    Reminder Notification TemplateSelect a notification template that will be used to remind a user to take the survey.
    Rating Threshold Percentage (%) 

    The lowest percentage of rating allowed.

    Threshold Breach TemplateSelect a notification that will be used to notify the user’s manager that the results of the survey are below the established threshold.
    Follow-up Template

    Select a notification template that will be used as a follow-up to a survey response.

  6. Add survey questions:

    1. Under Survey Questions, click New.

    2. From the Required list, select Required or Optional to indicate whether the question must be answered.
    3. In the Question field, enter a question.
    4. From the Question Type list, select an answer type for the question defined in the Question field: 
      • Free Text—case requester needs to type an answer to the question defined in the Question field.
      • Drop Downcase requester needs to select an answer from the answers proposed in the drop-down list. 
    5. For each Drop Down question, additionally do the following:
      1. To add a drop-down value for the question, click New, and complete the following fields:
        • Selection Value—the answer value that will be available for selection,
        • Rating Value—select a rating value for the corresponding Selection Value.
      2. Add as many values as needed for the question.
      3. (Optional) From the Rated Question drop-down list, select Yes to include a value from the Rating Value field into the overall rating of the survey.
      4. Click Save & Close.
    6. Repeat these steps for each question.
  7. Set up threshold and follow-up managers notifications:
    1. Under Threshold and Follow-up Managers, click New.

    2. In the Full Name field, enter the full name of the HR manager who should receive a notification about the survey.
    3. To send follow-up notifications to the HR manager, select the Follow Up Notifications check box.
    4. To notify the HR manager when the threshold for the survey is breached (the user does not complete the survey), select the Threshold Breach Notifications check box.
  1. Click Save & Close.

Where to go from here

After you configure surveys, you might need to configure URL links.

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