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Configuring solutions for MyIT Calendar

Self-service users can request for appointments with HR agents by using their calendar in BMC MyIT Universal Client. The following configuration steps need to be performed to enable the appointment requests feature in BMC MyIT:

  • Solution for MyIT calendar is configured in BMC HR Case Management
  • HR calendar is configured in BMC MyIT Administration Console

This topic describes how to set up the appointments in BMC MyIT.

Parameters of a solution for BMC MyIT Calendar

When installed, the BMC HR Case Management has a predefined HR solution called Solution for MyIT HR Helpdesk Calendar. This solution type cannot be found in the BMC MyIT Univeral Client, but it is available by default in BMC MyIT Administration console.This default solution is a predefined template that can be used for configuring the HR calendar in BMC MyIT Administration console. This solution has the following default characteristics:

  • Solution Type: Solution
  • Accessibility: Internal
  • Data Group: HR
  • Status: Active
  • Assigned group: Employee Relations CEO.

This solution also has a predefined question generic question for self-service users:

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You might want to create several HR calendars, so that employees can request for appointments with HR agents from different departments. For example, you can have two HR calendars configured for the following purpose:

  • To request an appointment with an HR agent from the Employee Relations team (the default team).
  • To request an appointment with an HR agent from the Payroll team (the team that you can add).

You need to have appointments configured so that self-service users can create appointments with HR agents. Self-service users create appointments in BMC MyIT Calendar, and the appropriate cases are generated in BMC HR Case Management, and assigned to one of the HR agents from the Payroll team. Follow the procedure explained below to create a Payroll calendar.

To set up the appointments feature

  1. In BMC HR Case Management, add a solution for MyIT HR Calendar:

    1. Create a new internal solution based on the characteristics from the MyIT calendar solution template.


      You can clone the default Solution for MyIT Helpdesk Calendar instead of creating new solutions.

    2. In the Solution Name field, add a descriptive name.
      For example: "Payroll Calendar Appointment Request".
    3. Navigate to the Case Options tab.

      1. Select a group from the Assigned Group list. For example: Payroll.

      2. (Optional) Select an employee from the Assigned Individual list if you want all cases to be assigned to someone from the selected group. 

      3. (Optional) Select a tier from the Categorization Tier 1-4 fields if you want. Categorizations are usually necessary for reports generation.

    4. Navigate to the Questions tab, and add a generic question for a self-service user. 
      For example: What is the date and time suitable for the appointment with your HR agent?
    5. Click Save.
  2. In BMC MyIT Administration Console, set up the Calendar:
    1. For the Payroll team calendar, enter a descriptive calendar name, and select the default location. 
    2. Enter Email Options details.
    3. Define the Payroll team availability days and hours.

    4. From the HR Cases category, select an HR solution (Payroll Calendar Appointment Request) that you created in the BMC HR Case Management console. This solution will be used as a template to create cases based on the appointment requests from self-service employees. For details how to set up or update a calendar in the Setting up the help desk Open link  topic in BMC MyIT online documentation. 

    5. Click Select Request.

      Calendar in BMC MyIT Administration console

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