Cleaning up transaction forms

To improve performance, you can delete transaction records from the BMC HR Case Management database. You might perform this task after testing or after performing an upgrade. Transaction records include cases, people, audit data, broadcasts, and other data that was created after the system was installed.

Only Standard Master users can delete the data from the database in bulk. All types of data except solutions can be deleted in bulk.

Before you begin

  1. Log in to BMC Remedy Action Request System as a Standard Master user.
  2. In three separate browser windows open the following BMC Remedy AR System forms:
Form nameIn the address bar of a browser, typeAlternative way for accessing a form
COL:SYS:Data_Cleanuphttp://<AR System address>:<AR System port>/arsys/forms/<AR System address>/COL:SYS:Data_Cleanupn/a
COL:CORE:Form_Libraryhttp://<AR System address>:<AR System port>/arsys/forms/<AR System address>/COL:CORE:Form_Library
  1. Open the BMC HR Case Management console.
  2. Navigate to System Settings > Advanced Settings > Form Library.
COL:SYS:Data_Cleanup/Core_Data_Viewhttp://<AR System address>:<AR System port>/arsys/forms/<AR System address>/COL:SYS:Data_Cleanup/Core_Data_Viewn/a
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Overview of the cleanup process

The cleanup process uses data in the COL:CORE:Form_Library form to generate the cleanup list of forms.

To clean up the transaction data:  

  1. Customize the list of forms to be cleaned up
  2. Configure the deletion criteria for the forms selected for cleanup
  3. Clean up the selected forms

  4. (OptionalPerform a post-deletion configuration

The following figure describes the flow of data involved in the cleanup process: 

Overview of the deletion process

All forms having Transaction Data flag set to Yes, and all eForms having the eForm flag set to Yes, are available in the COL:SYS:Data_Cleanup list.

For all non-eForm forms the Transaction Data value is set to Yes.

For all eForm forms the eForm flag is set to Yes.

To avoid deleting important data, configure the deletion criteria for the forms to be cleaned up. For example, you want to delete case records with a certain status or you do not want to delete people records where Person Type is set to Full Time. You need to configure the criteria for deletion, otherwise running the cleanup utility will result in deleting all records that have been ever created.

To customize the list of forms to be cleaned up

  1. Review the list of default forms available for data cleanup:
    1. In the COL:SYS:Data_Cleanup, search for all forms by entering "%" into the Request ID field.
    2. Review the list of available forms.
  2. If necessary, customize the list of default forms available for cleanup:

    • To remove some forms from the cleanup list:
      1. Open the COL:CORE:Form_Library form.
      2. Select a form and set the Transaction Data flag for it to No. Save the form.
      3. Select an eForm and set the eForm flag to No. Save the form.
      4. Open the COL:SYS:Data_Cleanup/Core_Data_Viewand search for the deleted forms. 
        If the deleted forms are still displayed in the list, they must be deleted from the it. Contact the AR System Administrator for assistance.


        Only AR System Administrators can delete forms from the COL:SYS:Data_Cleanup/Core_Data_View by selecting them and clicking Delete.

    • To add more forms to the cleanup list: 
      1. Open the COL:CORE:Form_Library form.
      2. Select a form that you would like to add, and set  the Transaction Data flag for the selected form to Yes. Save the form.

      3. Select an eForm that you would like to add, and set the eForm flag to Yes. Save the form.

To configure the deletion criteria for the forms

  1. In the COL:CORE:Form_Library form, specify the search criteria for the forms that you want to configure to be cleaned up, and click Search.

  2. Review the list of forms to be cleaned up, and specify deletion qualification for the forms in the list:

    1. Select a form, and click on it.

    2. Enter a qualification into the Qualification field, available in the Data Fields section.


      • If you intend to delete people records: 
        • You must create qualifications for COL:CORE:People forms, so that at least one user with Standard Master permissions remains in the system after you delete people records. You must create qualifications for all COL:CORE:People forms where data related to a people record that you intend to save is used.
        • Modify the default qualification rule (C875019001 != 'Solution' AND C875019001 != 'People' AND C875019001 != 'Document') in the COL:CORE:Relational_Summary form not to delete Standard Master related records.
      • The deletion qualification that you enter must include the ID of a form field prefixed with "C", an operand (such as =, !=), and a value.
        For example, C875096001 = 'Talent Management'.

    3. Click Save.

To find out the IDs of the fields available in a selected form

  1. Double-click on the selected form. 
  2. Review the available fields.
  3. Open the source HTML for the page by pressing F12.
  4. Search for a field name.
  5. Review the value for arid parameter.


You can alternatively view the IDs of form fields by using the BMC Remedy AR System Developer Studio.

To clean up the selected forms

  1. Open the COL:SYS:Data_Cleanup form, and review the list of forms to be cleaned up.

  2. Make sure that all the necessary forms include qualification for deletion.


    If you intend to delete people records, and you have not created any qualification, all people records will be deleted including the Case Master user set during the installation of BMC HR Case Management, so nobody will be able to log in to BMC HR Case Management.

  3. Click Delete Transaction Data.

  4. Refresh the page to review the status of all forms. When the status is "successful", the data is deleted. 
  5. Click View History to review details of the deletion.

To configure system settings post the bulk delete


This step is required only if running the cleanup includes deletion of people records.

System settings and solutions that contain people records are not updated after users are deleted from the system. The deleted people records remain in all system forms even after they have been deleted from the database.

  1. Restart BMC Remedy AR System, so that the user cache is cleared.
  2. Review the Assigned Individual field, and Owner field of all solutions, and if necessary, update these fields. 
  3. Review system settings, and if necessary, update the following fields as desired:
    • Approval Matrix (System Settings > Application Settings): Approver field 

    • SLA Configuration (System Settings > Foundation): Assigned Individual field

    • Survey Configuration (System Settings > Foundation): Assigned To field if it is available in the Survey Qualification field.

    • Incoming Email - Settings (System Settings > Email Settings): Unknown Sender Default field.

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