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Troubleshooting issues related to publishing services in BMC Helix Virtual Agent

The following table describes the issue that you might encounter while publishing services in a bot:


13517 - The dialog for transferring to a live agent is missing from the IBM Watson skill. Search BMC Support Central with this error code for instructions on how to create the missing dialog.

Note: This error appears for any chatbot workspace that does not have the live agent node, for example, BMC ChatOps and BMC ITOps Chatbot.

If you are an existing BMC Helix Virtual Agent user, you must configure IBM Watson to include a newly-added dialog Live AgentChat – Login. The dialog enables users to access the topics that are configured in Live Chat.

For information about configuring the Live AgentChat – Login dialog nodes, see Configuring the live chat dialog nodes in IBM Watson Assistant Skills.

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  1. Thiago De jesus

    ERROR (13517): Falta el cuadro de diálogo para la transferencia con un agente en directo en la habilidad de IBM Watson Assistant. Para obtener instrucciones acerca de cómo crear el cuadro de diálogo que falte, utilice el código de error proporcionado para buscar en BMC Support Central.

    That is the message shown when I try to publish any service. This information about Live Chat is a must to publish services? What configuration am I missing? I don't see that this document explains anything about services of dwpc in virtual agent.

    Apr 27, 2023 03:39