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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Enabling Microsoft Teams in a chatbot application

As an administrator in BMC Helix Virtual Agent and Microsoft Office 365 (Teams), you can use Microsoft Office 365 Teams as a communication channel for your chatbot application. 

You can use Microsoft Teams in the following ways:

Supported and unsupported features with Microsoft Teams

  • End users can use Microsoft Teams only for one-to-one instant messaging.
  • Features that are supported by BMC Helix Virtual Agent such as localized chatbot messages and live chat are available in Microsoft Teams.
  • Other features such as group conversations and conference calls are not supported.

Sample BMC Helix Virtual Agent Microsoft Teams package 

You can leverage the BMC Helix Virtual Agent Microsoft Teams sample package to build and test your chatbot application package for Microsoft Teams. The sample .zip package includes the following files:

  • BMC Helix Virtual Agent icon.png
  • manifest.json
  • BMC Helix Virtual Agent outline.png

Download the BMC Helix Virtual Agent Microsoft Teams sample package.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have completed the following tasks:

  • Subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 Open link .
  • In Microsoft Teams, allow interaction with custom apps Open link , as shown in the Microsoft documentation. 

  • Created the chatbot application that you want to configure to work with Microsoft Teams. For more information, see To create a chatbot.
  • Configured the IBM Watson service credentials. For more information, see To configure the Skill ID for a chatbot.
  • You have the endpoint URL of your chatbot application. To get the URL, log in to navigate to BMC Helix Innovation Studio, select the chatbot application and select Channels > Office 365 > Webhook URL
  • If you want to use the colors and icons provided by BMC for branding your chatbot, ensure that you have downloaded the BMC Helix Virtual Agent Microsoft Teams sample package.

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