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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Reporting and analyzing chatbot usage

BMC Helix Virtual Agent provides the out-of-the-box dashboard, which displays chatbot usage metrics. Customers can analyze the chatbot usage to determine the overall performance, effectiveness, and return of investment of the BMC Helix Virtual Agent with the help of the dashboard and usage metrics. 

As an administrator, you can create reports according to your requirements. Customers can use reports to understand the chatbot usage, chatbot accuracy, which queries were solved, which events are successful or unsuccessful, and so on.

The following table lists the different ways in which you can analyze your chatbot usage:


Analyzing and tracking out-of-the-box events, event statistics, and reports usage reports.

BMC Helix Virtual Agent usage reports
Tracking and generating chatbot usage reports.Tracking and generating chatbot usage reports

Tracking and monitoring BMC Helix Virtual Agent usage, performance, effectiveness, and return of investment.

Viewing BMC Helix Virtual Agent reporting dashboard

Create reports based on the raw data in the Telemetry service.

Creating reports for raw events in the Telemetry service
Measuring the chatbot consumption.

Measuring the cognitive service consumption Open link

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