Viewing event details

To view event details, in the BMC Helix Operations Management  console, navigate to Monitoring > Events > Event Details. This page provides comprehensive information about each event.

The following image displays the Event Details page.

At the top of this page, you can see the basic event details that include:

  • Complete event description 
  • Date and time when the event occurred 
  • Severity of the event
  • Priority of the event
  • Status of the event
  • Event assignee details
  • Event notes 

At the bottom of the page, you can see various tabs that contain more details about an event. The tabs are described in the following table:


Displays key information about the event, such as status, severity, priority, date and time of occurrence, object class, object name, host, owner, message, high and low baselines, threshold duration, and detailed message.

The information for the event class slots, such as Message and Detailed Message, is displayed in multiple lines. For more information about event slots, see Event classification and formatting.

If BMC Helix Operations Management is integrated with BMC Helix IT Service Management , the corresponding incident details for the event are also displayed in multiple lines. To learn how to integrate BMC Helix Operations Management with BMC Helix IT Service Management , see Integrating with BMC Helix ITSM by using the Integration Service.

InternalsDisplays tracking information, such as the event ID, internal ID, account, and history.
ObjectDisplays information about the monitored object, such as its name, class, owner, and URL. If a URL is provided, you can click the URL to see more details about the event.
SourceDisplays information about the origin of the event, including class, key, and severity.
Logs & NotesDisplays any logs or notes available for the event.

For more information, see Viewing or adding notes to an event.

Related EventsDisplays related events aggregated by a correlation policy. For more information, see Event policy types and evaluation order.
OthersDisplays additional information about the event that is not shown in other tabs. The information on this tab depends on the type of event selected.
Performance OverviewDisplays a graph of the monitored instance (single metric) for which the Alarm event occurred. For more information, see Viewing the performance overview.

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