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Elements of advanced and time-based enrichment policies

While creating or editing refinement, advanced enrichment, or time-based enrichment policies, you see a page with a set of elements. These elements help you create and modify the workflow used for processing events. The refinement policy is similar to an advanced enrichment policy. The basic elements for refinement, advanced enrichment, and time-based enrichment policies are common. However, the number of actions vary.

The following image illustrates the policy elements at a high-level.

  1. Actions toolbar to help you build the policy workflow. When you click an action, it is represented visually on the workflow canvas below. Use actions to define conditions for event selection, event processing, and event enrichment.
  2. Policy workflow, a visual representation of how an incoming event will be processed. The Incoming Event circle at the top marks the start of the workflow. You can add subsequent actions from the mini toolbar at the bottom of the workflow canvas or from the Actions toolbar at the top of the workflow canvas.

    Policy summary

    While creating an advanced enrichment policy, enter a policy summary either by clicking Save or by clicking the Incoming Event circle action to view the conditions added in the workflow in the policy preview.
    While editing the policy, edit the policy summary in the configuration settings displayed in the panel for the Incoming Event circle action.

  3. UI controls to adjust the policy workflow size and position. You can zoom in and zoom out, fit to screen, and position the workflow at the center of the canvas.

    About Google Chrome zoom settings issue

    Sometimes on Google Chrome when you add the IF action, in the policy workflow area, the IF action's alignment is not properly displayed. For best viewing experience, we recommend that you either use Mozilla Firefox to access the product or adjust your Google Chrome browser zoom settings until the workflow alignment is displayed correctly. This alignment issue does not impact the advanced enrichment policy or the settings that you configure while adding the IF action.

  4. Mini toolbar with the Add Above and Add Below menu options to help you add subsequent actions in the policy workflow. The Add Above option on the mini toolbar menu is disabled for root actions and the If action. For more information about actions, see Actions for advanced and time-based enrichmentTo add subsequent actions in the policy workflow, select the current action on the workflow and use the Add Above or Add Below menu options from the mini toolbar, available at the bottom of the workflow canvas. Similarly, to delete an action, select it on the workflow and click Delete Item .

  5. Settings panel displayed for the selected action. When you first click an action on the toolbar, it gets added on the workflow canvas and the Settings panel opens up on the right. You can also individually click actions in the policy workflow to open the Settings panel and make changes.
  6. UI control to adjust the width of the Settings panel.

Where to go from here

Understand the supported actions and how to build a policy workflow.

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