This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix Operations Management.

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L2 use case - Viewing enriched incident details

This topic provides information about the Level 2 (L2): Infrastructure-based service resolution integration use case of Proactive Service Resolution (PSR). In this use case, the incidents that are generated in BMC Helix IT Service Management are enriched with the CI information. To understand the concept of PSR, see Integrating with BMC Helix ITSM.

Requirements for the L2 integration

  • The events must originate from PATROL Agents.
  • Event policies must be enabled in BMC Helix Operations Management for data collection. For more information on infrastructure policies, see Event policies Open link .
  • Alarm policies that create thresholds for data must be enabled in BMC Helix Operations Management. For more information on alarm policies, see Alarm policies Open link .

Supported KMs

  • PATROL for AIX
  • PATROL for Amazon Web Services
  • PATROL for Docker (supported only for the DKR_Node class)
  • PATROL for IBM DB2
  • PATROL for Kubernetes (supported only for the K8S_Node class)
  • PATROL for Linux
  • PATROL for Log Management
  • PATROL for Microsoft Azure
  • PATROL for Microsoft Cluster Server
  • PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server
  • PATROL for Microsoft Windows Server
  • PATROL for Oracle Enterprise Database
  • PATROL for Sybase
  • PATROL for UNIX and Linux
  • PATROL for VMware vSphere (also supports VMware vSphere 6.0)

Device mapping

For database KMs, ensure that the device mapping option is selected while creating a monitoring policy. If not selected, the CI lookup fails.

In the monitoring policy, navigate to the following pages to verify that device mapping is selected:

Oracle Enterprise Database: Environment configurations > Environment settings > Device mapping
Sybase: Sybase configuration > KM administration > Device mapping
Microsoft SQL Server: Environments configuration > KM administration > Device mapping
IBM DB2: Environment Configurations > Administration > Device mapping

Component alias

  • The component alias must be present to associate CIs with incidents.
  • If an event is generated with custom event catalog, no component alias is generated and the incident created in BMC Helix IT Service Management does not associate CI with incident.
  • Ensure that you use the FQDN instead of IP address while configuring the KMs. 
  • BMC_SoftwareServer
  • BMC_DataBase
  • BMC_Cluster

Troubleshooting - Unable to view the CI information in incidents

CI information is not added in incidents because the component alias might not be synced in BMC Atrium CMDB.


To resolve this issue, do the following:

  1. Go to BMC Atrium CMDB and search for the component.
  2. Ensure that the following fields are populated:
    • Name
    • DatabaseId
    • (Custom menu) ComponentAliases

  3. Ensure that the values in the Name field and the ComponentAliases field are synced.

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