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L1 use case - Viewing incident details

This topic provides information about the Level 1 (L1): Infrastructure-based service resolution integration use case of Proactive Service Resolution (PSR). In this use case, incidents are generated in BMC Helix IT Service Management for the qualifying events that are triggered in BMC Helix Operations Management. To understand the concept of PSR, see Integrating with BMC Helix ITSM.

Use case

  1. An event is triggered at BMC Helix Operations Management with the severity as specified in the Predefined Policy for Incident notification policy.

  2. The event is sent to the BMC Helix Integration service, where the event is converted into an incident request.
  3. The incident request is sent to BMC Helix IT Service Management, where an incident is created for the event.

  4. The incident is sent to BMC Helix Integration service, which is converted into an incident information event.
  5. This event is sent to BMC Helix Operations Management with the details about the incident generated for the original event.

    Only the incident ID is updated in the original event.

In the BMC Helix Operations Management console, on the Monitoring > Events > Event Details page for the incident information event, you can see the following difference between an L1 and an L2 use case:

  • In an L1 use case, you can see the following event summary with the message from the original event:

  • In an L2 use case, you can see an enriched event summary, where the CI information is added to the event summary:

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