Collecting logs

Logs are collected in BMC Helix Log Analytics with the help of integrations set up in BMC Helix Developer Tools. In these integrations, you provide the configurations required to collect logs from applications or other log data sources. Each integration requires a connector to collect logs. Different connector types are available to collect logs from different types of platforms. For more information, see Downloading and installing connectors Open link . After configuring connectors, configure integrations by providing information like hosts, data parsing formats (such as multiline, JSON), filtering rules, and data source-specific configurations.  

The following table lists the log collection integrations:

Configure logs from fileUse this integration to collect log files from different applications. You can use different connector types depending on the type of applications. Collecting logs from files
Amazon Web ServicesUse this integration to collect application logs from Amazon Web Services.Collecting logs from cloud (AWS)
KubernetesUse this integration to collect application logs from Kubernetes clusters.Collecting logs from Kubernetes

You can also use open source collectors—Filebeat and Logstash—to collect logs. However, you need to manage all the connectors as it is not supported in the BMC Helix Developer Tools connector framework. For more information, see Collecting logs by using Logstash and Filebeat.

The following image shows the integrations available to collect logs:

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