Supportability details

BMC Helix Log Analytics supports the following features with the given limits:

FeatureValue (per tenant)
Data ingestion

5 TB per day

The clock resets at 00:00 hours GMT.

Note: We have tested data ingestion at 5 TB per day. We are continually striving to test higher data ingestion.

Data retention30 days
Alert policies Based on static thresholds: 200
Based on anomaly detection: 100
Enrichment policies200
Field extraction policies200
Adapt Framework version14.x
Docker connector
  • 2-core CPU and 16 GB RAM
  • Operating systems:
    • RHEL 8.x, 7.x
    • CentOS 8.x, 7.x
    • Ubuntu 20.x, 18.x
  • Docker version 18.01 or later
Windows connectorWindows server, version 2012 or later
Linux connector
  • 2-core CPU and 16 GB RAM
  • Operating system: RHEL 8.x 
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