Accessing and navigating BMC Helix Log Analytics

BMC Helix Log Analytics provides an easy-to-use UI to search and analyze logs. You can use the functionalities available in BMC Helix Log Analytics to derive value from logs and proactively monitor them.

To access BMC Helix Log Analytics

When your account is created, you receive the URL and the credentials to log on to BMC Helix Portal.

  1. Log on to the BMC Helix Portal.
    For more information, see BMC Helix Portal Open link .
  2. Click the BMC Helix Log Analytics tile.
    You have the following options available on the navigation bar:

    Menu optionDetails


    It is the landing page of BMC Helix Dashboards. You see the Discover tab where you view and analyze the collected logs. For more information, see Deriving insights from logs.


    From this menu, access the out-of-the-box BMC Helix Log Analytics dashboards in BMC Helix Dashboards. You can also create custom dashboards as per your requirements. For more information, see Visualizing logs.


    Configure conditions to generate an event and detect anomalies in logs. For more information, see Generating alerts from logs.


    Enrich the logs by adding enrichment sources and policies. For more information, see Enriching logs.


    Collect logs from various sources for analysis by installing connectors and creating collection policies. For more information, see Collecting logs.


    Access the options to extract fields and archive and restore from the menu. For more information, see Extracting fields and Archiving and restoring logs.

Overview of the Explorer tab

It is the landing page of BMC Helix Log Analytics. Use the Explorer tab to search and analyze logs. The Discover page provides UI elements that help you filter the logs for analysis and get meaningful information to troubleshoot issues. The following image highlights the UI elements on the Discover page that help you to search logs:

The following UI elements on the Discover page help you in analyzing logs:

Element nameDescription
Search fieldEnter a search string to search in the logs. The supported format is field_name:"search string". 
Time rangeSpecify the days or hours for which you want to search results.
FiltersSpecify the filter criteria to filter logs.
Index patternAll the logs are collected under an index pattern that is created for each tenant.
Available fieldsDisplays the fields identified in the logs. Click a field to filter logs.

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