Deploying the BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations on-premises gateway

Use the BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations gateway to collect data from the third-party products that are deployed in your on-premises environment and to send the collected data to the BMC Helix applications, such as BMC Helix Operations Management and BMC Helix Discovery in your SaaS or on-premises environment. The extracted data is posted to BMC Helix applications on port 443 via the HTTPS protocol. 

The on-premises gateway provides quick and secure data transfer between the on-premises third-party products and BMC Helix applications. By using the gateway, organizations can keep data sources on their on-premises networks, yet securely use that on-premises data in BMC Helix services.

For more information about the scenarios in which you should deploy the gateway, see Deployment scenarios.


BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations is not part of the BMC Helix IT Operations Management on-premises deployment. It is available as a standalone deployment in an on-premises environment. Contact BMC Support for the files required for its standalone deployment.

You deploy the gateway in an on-premises environment by using either Docker containers or Podman containers. If you are planning to deploy the gateway, start by reviewing the system requirements.

See the following topics for the system requirements and the instructions to install the gateway:

Where to go from here

After you deploy the gateway, configure connections with the following third-party products to collect data:

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