Deprecated and discontinued features

Check for announcements that might affect future releases of the product. These changes can affect the way in which you configure or run the installed version of BMC Helix Intelligent Automation.


While every effort is made to provide accurate, forward-looking guidance on product direction to assist you with your buying and planning decisions, BMC cannot guarantee that the intentions stated as follows are final and binding. 

Deprecated features and components

Deprecated features are still available in the product or service. However, they are no longer under active development and might be discontinued from the product in the future. We encourage you to plan and implement the recommended change.

FeatureAnnouncements and recommendations
Proactive Service Resolution for ServiceNow Incident Management application

BMC Helix Intelligent Automation is deprecating support for the ServiceNow Incident Management application for automatically creating incidents by using the Proactive Service Resolution solution. Note that Proactive Service Resolution continues to support TMF621 trouble tickets creation in the ServiceNow Telecommunications and Media Assurance Workflows application. For more information, see Configuring Proactive Service Resolution for TMF-compliant trouble tickets


If you want to use Proactive Service Resolution for ServiceNow Incident Management, then BMC recommends that you use the BMC Helix iPaaS solution. 

For more information, see  Creating ServiceNow incidents for BMC Helix Operations Management events by using Jitterbit Harmony Open link

Discontinued features and components

Discontinued features are no longer available in the product or service.

FeatureAnnouncements and recommendations
Cloud connectors

BMC Helix Intelligent Automation is disabling the cloud connectors until further notice for the following applications:

  • Ansible Tower
  • Generic REST API
  • Kubernetes
  • TrueSight Orchestration

The cloud connectors for Amazon Web Services and BMC Helix Innovation Studio remain unaffected. 

Impact and recommendations

If you have configured cloud connectors for any of the listed applications, then the automation policies that use the cloud connector-based actions will fail and show an appropriate error message.  

On-premises connectors are available for each of these applications. For more information, see Editing, disabling, and deleting connectors

For automation policies that use the disabled cloud connectors, delete the cloud connector, configure the on-premises connector, and add actions to the policies again. For more information, see Creating automation policies

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