Out-of-the-box data source plug-ins

This topic lists the out-of-the-box data source plug-ins available with BMC Helix Dashboards.

Plugin NameDetails
Open source time series databases
Open source time series database and alerting.

Open source time series database.

Open source time series database.
Open source time series database.
Logging and analytics databases
Log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus.
Open source logging and analytics database.
Distributed tracing solutions
Open source, end-to-end distributed tracing.
Placeholder for the distributed tracing system.
High volume, minimal dependency trace storage. OSS tracing solution from Grafana Labs.
RDBMS databases
Data source for MySQL databases.
Data source for PostgreSQL and compatible databases.
Data source for Microsoft SQL Server compatible databases.
Cloud monitoring solutions
Data source for Google's monitoring service (formerly named Stackdriver).
Data source for Amazon AWS monitoring service.
Data source for Microsoft Azure Monitor & Application Insights.
Hosted Graphite, Prometheus and Loki.
Other data sources
Generates test data in different forms.
Grafana CSV data source.
BMC CSV data source plugin.
BMC ADE data source plugin to connect to the BMC Helix applications.

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