Creating custom dashboards

As a tenant administrator or an editor, create custom dashboards based on your business needs.

Let's say you are a tenant administrator who wants to obtain the high-level details of the IT service requests that are logged in the system. The following tasks will help you to create a custom dashboard that will obtain data for the IT service requests that are logged from various data sources:

Process for creating custom dashboards

1Create a custom dashboard and its panels.Create a dashboard
2Build dashboard queries based on the various available query types.Build queries to fetch data
3Select and configure a visualization plug-in from the available out-of-the-box visualization plug-ins.Out-of-the-box visualization plugins
4Configure filters, annotations and drill-through links for your custom dashboards.
5Share dashboards or panels as link, PDF, snapshots or JSON object.Share dashboards
6Schedule automatic distribution of dashboard reports via email.Schedule reports for automatic distribution
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