BMC Helix Virtual Agent chat conversation details dashboard

As an administrator, use the chatbot dashboard to view the metrics for all chatbots in your system. The chatbot dashboard shows the number of conversations, unique users, and chat queries-related information. 

To learn about the roles and permission required to access the chatbot dashboard and creating custom panels, see BMC Helix Virtual Agent dashboards.

The following image shows the BMC Helix Virtual Agent dashboard with sample data:

Before you begin

To access the dashboards, make sure that BMC Helix Innovation Suite is deployed in your environment. 

To view the Helix Virtual Agent dashboard

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Dashboards.
  2. In the avigation pane, hover your mouse over Dashboards  and click Manage.
  3. In the Helix Chatbot folder, click Chatbot. 


To quickly open the dashboard from the home page, mark it as a favorite by using the star icon. Additionally, after you open a dashboard, it is automatically available under Recently viewed dashboards on the home page.

Chatbot dashboard panels

The following table describes the Chatbot dashboard panels: 

Chatbot panelsDescriptionExample
ConversationsDisplays the total number of chat conversations during the selected period.

Unique UsersDisplays the total number of unique users who logged in to the chatbot.

Chatbot Rating CountDisplays the chatbot rating provided by the customers, such as Excellent, Good, or Terrible.

Conversation Count by ChannelDisplays the distribution of chat conversations per channel. 

Successful Transfer to the Live Agent By BotDisplays the total number of chat sessions in a bot and the sessions that were transferred to support agents. 

Number of Queries Answered/ Unanswered By BotDisplays the total number of answered and unanswered queries of the end users.

Most Asked QueriesDisplays the most used chatbot intents.  

Conversation Trend per BotShows the trend of conversations per chatbot over the selected period.

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