Scheduling new Manager runs

You can schedule Manager scripts to run daily, weekly, or monthly. The scripts involve many automated tasks such as data collection, transfer, analysis, and population. Evaluate the overall network traffic of the infrastructure and identify an appropriate time frame for transferring data from a Perform Agent computer to the console computer. Use this time when configuring the Manager script. You should also identify the best time for daily monitoring (data collection).

For example, if network traffic is low at 5:00 A.M., schedule the Manager script to run from midnight to midnight for a 24-hour run and set the data transfer at a delay of five hours, so that the data transfer begins at 5:00 A.M. when network traffic is low. The time needed for data analysis depends on the amount of data to be analyzed, which ultimately determines when graphs and reports can be viewed. 

To schedule new runs, perform the following task:

  1. Select Administration > Gateway Manager > Gateway Operations.

  2. Click Schedule New Runs.

    The Schedule New Runs page is displayed.

    The Manager Runs table displays all manager runs available to be scheduled and the following information:

    Selection boxCheck box for selecting the run and scheduling it.
    Run NameName of the manager run.
    Start timeThe scheduled start time for the run.
    Gateway ServerName of the gateway server on which the run resides on.
    Master Run NameName of the master manager run if there are multiple manager runs created from a gateway server agent list.
  3. Select the following additional filters as required:

    1. Gateway Server: Select the gateway server from the list or select [All] to view the Manager Run logs for all the gateway servers.
    2. Manager Run: Select the Manager Run to view specific logs.
    3. Manager Run Filter: Type a Manager Run name or wildcard expression such as *win.
  4. From the table, select the Run Names you want to schedule.
  5. Click Schedule. An information box below the filter controls displays that the runs have been started successfully.

Finding other manager runs


You are not allowed to schedule multiple runs at the same time (same HH:MM value) if you use the standard time stamp setting.

To find runs located in non-default or unknown locations, perform the following task:

  1. Click Find. The Browse pop-up window is displayed.
  2. Enter a path in the Path field where more runs are available, or browse through the List of Directories and Files to select a path and click OK.
    The Manager Runs table is updated to display runs from the path you selected.
  3. Select the runs you want to schedule.
  4. Click Schedule.

Find Runs popup

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Viewing scheduled Manager runs

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