Integrating with VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director, now called vCloud Director for Service Providers, is a software solution that enables enterprises to build secure and multi-tenant private clouds by pooling infrastructure resources into virtual Data Centers (vDC). VMware vCloud Director also enables you to use web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as fully automated and catalog-based services.

The following topics describe how to integrate vCloud view with VMware vCloud Director. vCloud Capacity Visibility allows you to view, identify, and discover the capacity for vCloud, Provider vDCs, and Organization vDCs, resource bottlenecks, and underutilized resources. It also provides a set of views that display information about vCloud capacity and forecasted saturation.

Supported VMware vCloud Director environments

BMC Helix Capacity Optimization supports collecting data from the following VMware vCloud Director environments:

VMware vCloud Director version

VMware - vCloud Infrastructure extractor

VMware - vCloud Services extractor

VMware vCloud Director for Service Providers 8.20(tick)(tick)

VMware vCloud Director 5.5.x



Configuring the integration of ETL tasks

The following ETLs must be configured in the sequence they are listed to successfully integrate with VMware vCloud Director. These ETLs collect data from the vCloud Director, and must be individually configured.

  1. VMware - vCloud Infrastructure extractor - This ETL extracts vCloud infrastructure data from the vCloud Director.
  2. VMWare - vCloud Services extractor - This ETL extracts vCloud services data from the vCloud Director.


Set the frequency of the Infrastructure extractor ETL to run once every hour, and the Services extractor ETL to run once every day.

Deploying and verifying the vCloud view

After you configure both the ETLs, you can deploy and verify the vCloud view. For more information, see Deploying and verifying the vCloud View.

Using the vCloud view

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