Getting started

BMC Helix Capacity Optimization is a capacity management solution that gives you insights to optimize the use of your current IT resources and plan for future demands. It collects and analyzes the capacity data and core metrics for CPU, memory, and storage, and provides recommendations for optimizing them.

This section provides an overview of the tasks that you need to perform to start managing and optimizing your capacity.


Register with BMC.

  1. Complete the BMC registration process and understand the subscription information.
  2. Get familiar with the various roles and responsibilities of BMC and customer teams.
  3. Review the welcome email. The welcome email includes login credentials and URLs for BMC Helix Capacity Optimization FTP folders, Helix Capacity Optimization Dashboard, Helix Capacity Optimization Console, and Helix Single Sign-On for both development and production environments. 
  • BMC Helix services lifecycle Open link
  • BMC Helix Capacity Optimization services Open link
  • Roles and responsibilities Open link
  • Product environment details

Set up on-premises data collection server. 

If you plan to collect data from your on-premises data center, download and install the Remote ETL Engine and related components.

Installing remote components to collect on-premises data


Configure data collection.

You can use ETL modules or Capacity Agents to collect data. BMC Helix Capacity Optimization provides out-of-the-box ETLs to collect data from the cloud and on-premises environments.

BMC Helix Capacity Optimization also enables you to create custom ETLs using the ETL Development Kit.


Review and analyze data.

Use the product features to manage the capacity of your environment, perform advanced analysis, and manage future demand.



Configuring users and roles

Some default user groups and roles  are available out-of-the-box when you subscribe to BMC Helix Capacity Optimization. You can start using the product with these users. Additionally, you can configure your identity provider to set up more users and user groups, and assign specific permissions to them. For details, see Managing users and access control.

Migrating from TrueSight Capacity Optimization

If you want to use BMC Helix Capacity Optimization to manage the capacity of your on-premises environment that is currently being managed by TrueSight Capacity Optimization, you can migrate some of the artifacts created in TrueSight Capacity Optimization to BMC Helix Capacity Optimization. For details, see Migrating from TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

Suggested reading

To learn the business concepts and advantages of using the product, see Product overview.

To understand the common terms such as business service, capacity pool, and service pools, see Glossary.

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