Exporting the run configuration of an ETL

To export the run configuration of an ETL, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Helix Capacity Optimization Console.
  2. Navigate to Administration > ETL & SYSTEM TASKS > ETL tasks.
  3. In the working area on the right, click the ETL that you want to export.
  4. Click Edit for the active run configuration, as shown in the following figure:

    Editing the active run configuration

  5. Click the this page link at the bottom of the Edit run configuration page, as shown in the following figure, to manually edit ETL properties:

    Accessing the form to manually edit ETL properties

  6. After you click the link, a new page is displayed that lists editable ETL properties, as shown in the following figure:

    Manually editing ETL properties

  7. Click Export. All properties that will be exported are displayed as text in the Export properties pop-up window.
  8. Select this text, copy it, and paste the output to a text file.

Debugging the run configuration of an ETL

If you suspect there are differences between the exported run configuration and the run configuration that you see in the ETL page on the Helix Capacity Optimization Console, you can also export screenshots of the graphical ETL run configuration pages in advanced mode:

To do this, access the run configuration page and click Advanced to display all tabs and options, and take screenshots of all available tabs.

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