ETL development API constructs

You can develop an ETL by writing one of the following modules:

  • An extractor module: If you need to extract data from a database or from any other source that provides a connect, query, or disconnect paradigm to extract data. 
  • parser module: If you want to extract data from a set of files, or from any other source that provides a file-oriented data format, that must be parsed to extract KPIs. 

Extractors and parsers access ETL configuration using the Conf object. This object includes various methods that enable you to perform different operations. Examples of some common operations are:

  • Create an instance of the Conf object that contains the current ETL configuration —

    DBConf cnf = (DBConf)this.getConf();
  • Read the configuration property —

    String val = conf.getProperty(<propertyname>);
  • Read the log level —


For more information about the ETL development constructs, see the following topics:

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