Creating a model workflow

The following sections outline the model creation workflow. The model type that you choose can vary the process somewhat, but the sequence remains the same.  

To create a new model workflow

  1. In the Helix Capacity Optimization Console, click Workspace > All Domains> domainName  > Works folder.
  2. In the working area at the right, at the top of the Works table, from the Add list, select Add model.
  3. Specify the type of model type that you want to create.


    To create a new Express QN model, your domain must meet the following requirements:

    • A PLA analysis must exist for the current domain.
    • The business driver map for the PLA analysis must be made of compatible resource types (see Working with queuing network models).
    • At least one service demand must be defined for such resources.

    If any of these conditions is not satisfied, you will not be able to complete the wizard.

  4. Specify the resources to include in the model, for example, systems, business drives, entities and so on.
  5. Specify a predefined model template based on which to create the model. 
  6. Specify the name and description for the new model.
    For some types of models, this step is presented earlier, and some of the earlier steps do not apply. 

Model types

When you click the Next button in the wizard to proceed to the building phase, the details you need to specify depend on the model type you want to create and are described in the following sections:

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