Idle VMs page in the vSphere Virtual Machines view

The Idle VMs page in the vSphere Virtual Machines view displays the idle and powered off VMs. The information can help you to reclaim unused resources.

To access the page, click Views > Virtualization > vSphere > Virtual Machines in the left navigation pane, and then click the Idle VMs tab on the vSphere Virtual Machines page.

The Idle VMs table shows the top idle VMs based on the following criteria:

  • The VM is currently powered off and is powered off for at least two weeks.
  • The VM is using less than 5% of its CPU for at least two weeks.

The page also shows how much CPU, memory, and storage is configured and used over the last full month and the current month.

Idle and powered off VMs table

The Idle and powered off VMs table displays metric details for all VMs. Each row in the table corresponds to a VM and displays the following metrics:





Name of the VM.

Last valueNAME 
Network NameDNS or network name of the VM.Last valueHOST_NAME


Brief description of the VM, taken from the metric annotation.



Name of the host on which the VM resides.

Last valueHost name retrieved by using relationship ‘uses’ from the VM to the host


Name of the cluster to which the VM belongs.

Last valueCluster name retrieved by using relationship ‘uses’ from the VM to the cluster


Name of the vCenter for this VM.

Last valueRetrieved from VIRTUALCENTER_NAME of the parent cluster

Idle Days

Number of days for which this VM is idle.


VM Status

Current status of the VM: Powered ON or OFF



Total number of virtual CPUs configured on the VM

Last valueCPU_NUM
CPU [GHz]CPU GHz of a single vCPU of a VMLast valueCPU_MHZ

CPU Used [GHz]

Total CPU consumed by the VM, measured in Gigahertz

95th percentileCPU_UTILMHZ
CPU Utilization [%]Total CPU utilization of the VM
95th percentile


Memory [GB]Total memory allocated to the VM95th percentileTOTAL_REAL_MEM
Memory Consumed [GB]Memory used by the VM, measured in Gigabytes.95th percentileMEM_CONSUMED
Memory Active [GB]Memory actively used by the VM95th percentileMEM_ACTIVE
Memory Util [%]Total percentage of active memory used by the VM.95th percentile((MEM_ACTIVE / TOTAL_REAL_MEM) * 100.0)
File System Size [GB]Amount of file system space that can be reclaimed by removing the idle VM, measured in Gigabytes
File System Used [GB]File system space used by the VM95th percentile


File System Utilization [%]Total percentage of used file systems95th percentileTOTAL_FS_UTIL
I/O Rate [MB/s]95th percentile value of the disk input/output rate measured in megabytes per second.95th percentileDISK_TRANSFER_RATE
Network Rate [Mbit/s]

95th percentile value of the network input/output rate measured in megabits per second.

95th PercentileNET_BIT_RATE

Detailed information about a particular VM

To view the details page for a specific VM, click its name under the VM column. You can use the sorting and filtering options on the page to find a specific cluster. 

The VM details page displays information for the selected VM under the following sections or panels:

Section or PanelDescription
Summary page

A quick graphical summary of the CPU and memory utilization, and network bit rate and disk transfer rate for the VM. Core metrics for the selected entity are displayed as analysis charts, depending on available data. At the bottom of each chart is a link that takes you to the Data Explorer view for the specific resource type, and displays charts and information for a larger set of metrics.

The data displayed in Data Explorer view charts for any resource part of this view category, is based on the time filter that is applied to the primary view in this tab. You can select other time filter options to view charts over a different time resolution

For more information, see Virtual Machine page in the vSphere Data Explorer view.

Configuration Details pageConfiguration information about the cluster.
Related Information panel

Links to detailed pages for thresholds.  

Recommendations panel

All available recommendations for the VM. For more information, see Recommendations page in the vSphere Virtual Machines view.

If the virtual node data is available, the forecasted saturation for memory is computed based on the virtual node memory utilization. Otherwise, it is computed using MEM_ACTIVE of the virtual machine.  When using MEM_ACTIVE, the vSphere VM Active Memory increase factor is applied to increase the MEM_ACTIVE metric value. You can configure the value of this vSphere VM Active Memory increase factor. For details, see Configuring and managing thresholds for metrics and indicators.

Tags panelList of tags that are associated with the VM. You can assign or remove tags by using the Edit Tags option from the Tags action menu.

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