This documentation supports releases of BMC Helix Continuous Optimization up to December 31, 2021. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

OEM View - ASM Disk Group

The BMC Helix Continuous Optimization - OEM View - ASM Disk Group shows the configuration and capacity of the Oracle ASM Disk group information.

ASM Disk Group

ASM Disk Group table is a summary table of each ASM Disk group, you can enable and disable each columns by clicking the table name for more column,

Column NameDescriptionSource Metrics or Calculation
Disk Group NameDisk group name, this is the link to each detailed disk groupENTNAME
ASM service nameASM service nameASM_SERVICE_NAME
Asm ClusterASM Cluster nameASM CLUSTER

Disk Group Size

The size of disk group, in bytesDISK_GROUP_SIZE [LASTVAL]
Disk Group RedundancyThe redundancy of disk group (Normal / High / External)DISK_GROUP_REDUNDANCY [95th]
Number of DisksThe number of disks on the system.DISK_NUM [LASTVAL]

Disk Group Util Pct

Disk Group utilization in percentageDISK_GROUP_UTIL [95th]

Disk Group Imbalance Pct

Disk group imbalance in percentageDISK_GROUP_IMBALANCE[95th]

Disk Group Size Variance Pct

disk group size variance in percentageDISK_GROUP_SIZE_VARIANCE\[95th]

This is a screenshot of the ASM Disk Group page:

ASM Disk Group - Detail Page

ASM Disk group - detail page shows the detail of each ASM Disk group. The following list shows different metrics:

  • Database Group Utilization (DISK_GROUP_UTIL)
  • Disk Group Imbalance (DISK_GROUP_IMBALANCE)

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