This documentation supports releases of BMC Helix Continuous Optimization up to December 31, 2021. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Integrating with BMC Helix Intelligent Automation to send resizing recommendations for overallocated containers

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization integrates with BMC Helix Intelligent Automation to send resizing recommendations of overallocated containers. 

As a Capacity administrator, generate the CPU/Memory recommendations for Kubernetes. After viewing the resizing recommendations for overallocated containers, you can send them to BMC Helix Intelligent Automation for automatic implementation.

Before you begin

BMC Helix Intelligent Automation is an add-on service for BMC Helix Continuous Optimization and is hosted as a SaaS service on BMC Helix Portal. Make sure that you have the license for BMC Helix Intelligent Automation.


To integrate with BMC Helix Intelligent Automation

To send the recommendations to BMC Helix Intelligent Automation for resizing, complete the configuration tasks in BMC Helix Intelligent Automation:


Configure the Kubernetes connector

On the Kubernetes cluster, create credentials for the Kubernetes cluster by using the CLI utility.
Make sure that the Kubernetes bearer token has sufficient permissions to allow resources to be resized on the Kubernetes containers.

Configuring the Kubernetes cloud connector Open link

Configuring the Kubernetes on-premises connector Open link


Creating automation policies

Create an automation policy with the event_type as OVERALLOCATED_CONTAINER_RECOMMENDATION. Paste the following sample JSON payload in the event.

"server": "",
"tags": {
"platform": "kubernetes"
"payload": {
"generated_by": {
"product": "Optimize",
"version": "21.3.00"
"resources": [
"resource_name": "",
"cluster": "",
"namespace": "",
"deployment": "",
"container_cpu_recommendation": {
"action": "reduce_cpu_allocation",
"recommended_cpu_request": "",
"recommended_cpu_limit": ""
"container_memory_recommendation": {
"action": "reduce_memory_allocation",
"recommended_memory_request": "",
"recommended_memory_limit": ""

For detailed steps, see  Creating automation policies Open link .


Send overallocated container recommendations to BMC Helix Intelligent Automation

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization sends an event to BMC Helix Intelligent Automation to resize the selected containers.

When you are sure about implementing the Kubernetes Overallocated Container recommendations, you can send the details to BMC Helix Intelligent Automation for automatic implementation of the recommendations. 

If the event matches a trigger in the policy, the containers are moved to BMC Helix Intelligent Automation. For details, see Recommendations page in the Kubernetes view.


Verify the status of the event

  • In BMC Helix Intelligent Automation, navigate to History > Policy runs page. For more information, see  Viewing automation policy runs Open link .
  • If you have access to the Kubernetes cluster, check the CPU and memory limits and requests by using either the Kubernetes Cluster UI or the kubectl command. For example:
    --kubeconfig $YAML_FILE -n <Namespace> describe deployment <Deployment> | grep -e Name -e Limits -e cpu: -e memory: -e Requests
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