This documentation supports releases of BMC Helix Continuous Optimization up to December 31, 2021. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring the FileSystem Cleaner task

The Filesystem Cleaner task cleans old files according to the specified settings.

  1. Navigate to Administration > ETL & System Tasks > System tasks.
  2. Select a system task name with the Type as FileSystem Cleaner
  3. In the Run configurations table, click  to access the Edit run configuration page.  
  4. In the General configuration tab, you can edit the general settings such as name, deploy status, and description.
  5. In the Execution configuration tab, specify the following details:

    Directory name

    A semicolon separated list of directory names to be cleaned, for example weblog;schedulerlog;routput;etloutput;etllog;plots.


    You can use aliases for directory names.

    Directory agingDefault aging for all the directories. It specifies how many days files (and directories) are kept in the directory. Files (and directories) older than the directory aging setting will be removed.
    For each entry included in the directory name property, the following configuration parameters are available:
    Directory path

    Complete path of the directory. For example _${BASE_DIR}/etl/log_.


    The aging setting for the directory specified as number of days. For example, 10. If no value is specified, the global directory aging value will be used.
    Matching pattern Pattern used to select which files have to be cleaned. For example \ conn\. indicates all files whose name starts with conn.
    Complement matching pattern If set to true, only files and directories that do not match the pattern will be deleted.
    Recurse into subdirsIf set to true, all sub-directories will also be scanned.
    Delete also matched directoriesIf set to true, directories will also be deleted. Otherwise, only files will be deleted.

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