Predicting and preventing potential issues

As organizations adapt to changing needs, their technology environments become more complex, frequently spanning on-premises and cloud infrastructures. The AI/ML-powered BMC Helix Continuous Optimization offers a solution that elevates service assurance and proactively predicts potential issues in your environment so that you can prevent those issues. 

Capacity visibility and analysis

To predict and prevent potential issues in your IT environment, you must first set up the data source to collect the infrastructure data and then configure capacity views. Effective and timely data collection provides the information to achieve capacity management goals, such as capacity visibility, risk mitigation, and resource optimization.

Proactive outage alerting

Use proactive outage alerting to receive timely alerts about potential issues and take action on the issues before they cause problems.

What-if scenario planning

A well-balanced resource management system is critical for any IT organization to support business in a cost-effective manner. It is important to estimate whether your existing infrastructure is able to accommodate additional projects to support an ever-changing business model. You can use a What-if simulation capability to evaluate historical data, predict future behavior, simulate scenarios, and therefore, prevent any potential issues.
For details, see Creating a What-if simulation for business services and viewing the simulation results.

Workload right-sizing

The workload right-sizing capability helps balance the capacity of your infrastructure resources with automated recommendations.

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