Interacting with charts and analysis data

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization enables you to view and customize analysis output charts at different levels, as described in the following procedures:

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To customize the time filter and resolution of an analysis chart

  1. Click Workspace > Domains, Services & Applications > domainName > Works > analysisName.
  2. In the analysis page, select the chart that you want to inspect.
  3. At the top of the chart, from the Resolution list, select the resolution of the analysis, for example, Day.
  4. At the top of the chart, select the time filter, which allows you to change the displayed time span, by clicking on one of the available options, for example, Last week.

    The time filter selector also allows you to specify custom time intervals:
    • From-to: Specify a custom time period using the date selectors. Select dates at least one day apart.


      Selecting the same date for From and for To results in a chart without any data.

    • Timefilter: Select a user-defined time filter. Clicking Timefilter and then Edit lets you extensively customize the analysis filters using the Custom time filter dialog box.

To manage advanced chart options

  1. Click Workspace > Domains, Services & Applications > domain name > Works > analysis name.

  2. In the analysis page, select the chart that you want to inspect.

    Manage the chart properties using the vertical toolbar displayed on the right side of the chart. The available actions are summarized in the following table.




    Zoom in

    Allows you to zoom in on an area of the graph by clicking on this icon and then dragging the mouse pointer on the graph to delimit the selected area. You can repeat the operation multiple times, but you can only magnify the x-axis.

    Zoom out

    Allows you to restore the original zoom level.

    View chart tooltip

    Allows you to move the mouse pointer over the lines of the chart and obtain information about their meaning.

    Edit chartAllows you to set and edit several chart options. The editable options are categorized as:
    • Generic: Specify the title, chart options and so on.
    • Axis: Specify the axes titles, rotation and offset values.
    • Series options: Set the color, type and stroke and visibility for all series types for an analysis.

To view the data table

The data table displays the data used to build the chart. To view the data table, clickData Table at the top-right of the chart. The data table is displayed.

Data table

To export data

You can export the data displayed in the data table in Excel and CSV formats, and save it locally.

To export data, do the following:

  1. At  the top of the data table, next to the data table name, click .
  2. From the list, select the format in which you want to export the data.
  3. Click OK to save the data.

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