Editing the namespace and statistic selections for an analysis

Configure the namespace, statistic, and baseline for an analysis. 

To access these tabs, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Workspace > Domains, Services & Applications > click on a domain > Works.
  2. Click the analysis that you want to modify. The analysis details page is displayed.
  3. Click Edit. The Edit analysis page is displayed.
  4. Click Advanced.

To update the namespace selections for the analysis 

  1. Expand the Namespace selection tab. 
  2. Select the namespace from the available options:
    • Automatic: Select this option if you want BMC Helix Continuous Optimization to automatically select the appropriate namespace for each metric. For details, see Namespaces.

    • Manual selection for each metric: For each of the metrics listed in subsequent rows within this tab, manually select the namespaces that you want the Analysis to access the metric from.

To edit the statistic selections for the analysis

  1. Expand the Statistic selection tab.
  2. Configure the following properties:



    Specify statistic

    Specify whether the same statistic should be used for all metrics or specific statistic for each metric that are selected in the Metrics filter. 

    • for all metrics: Select statistics to display for all metrics in the analysis from the Statistics for all metrics property. 
    • by metric: Select specific statistics to display for each metric in the analysis. The list of all available statistics are displayed for each metric.


    Specify whether you want to include baselines in the analysis. For Show baselines option, select a baseline from the predefined list. When selected, you can compare this baseline with historical data to analyze any anomaly in the metric behavior. For example, you can use a baseline that produces an average weekly profile over the last 30 days to compare with historical data.

    Example scenario

    To check for any anomaly, you want to compare the CPU utilization data in a given period against a 30 days moving average.

    To achieve this, perform the following steps:

    1. Create a baseline with the following properties:
      Name = Avg of last 30 days, 
      Input time period = 30 days, Aggregation = average, and Consider data for = Entire period. For details on creating baselines, see Managing baselines.
    2. Create an analysis for your system for the CPU Utilization metric with Resolution as Day, and select the Avg of last 30 days baseline in the Statistic selection tab. 
    3. Save and run the analysis. The analysis plots historical data samples and baseline samples on the chart. 
    4. Analyze the historical data and baseline on the chart to understand if there is any anomaly. 

Where to go from here

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