Editing Group Options for an analysis

The Group options tab enables you to select the aggregation option for resources resources in charts based on different policies. Group options only affect performance metrics and not configuration metrics.


This tab is only available in the Advanced mode.

To edit Group Options for an analysis 

To access the Group options tab in the console: 

  1. In the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console, navigate to Workspace > Domains, Services & Applications > Domain > Works.
  2. Click on an Analysis you want to modify. The analysis details page is displayed on the right.
  3. Click Edit. The Edit analysis page is displayed.
  4. Expand the Group Options tab and edit the properties listed in the following table.



    Series aggregation

    Select the type of aggregation to be used for the analysis. The available options are:

    • Aggregate resources belonging to different systems/business drivers
    • Aggregate resources with different metrics
    • Aggregate resources with different subresource names
    • Aggregate resources from different locations

    Group function

    Select the type of group function from the drop down box. The available options are:

    • By metric type
    • Average value
    • Minimum value
    • Maximum value
    • Sum values
    • Number of samples
    • Weighted duration average value
    • Weighted average value

Where to go from here

Editing metric styles for an analysis

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