EC2 Idle Instances page in the AWS EC2 Instances view

The EC2 Idle Instances page in the AWS EC2 Instances view provides an overview of all idle instances. The information can help you to reclaim unused resources.

The Idle Instances table displays the idle instances based on the criteria that you can configure in the EC2 Instances Settings page; that is, instances using less than the specified amount of CPU within the specified number of days. 

To access this page, in the left navigation pane of Views tab, select Views > Cloud > AWS > AWS EC2 Instances and click the EC2 Idle Instances tab.

EC2 Idle Instances table 

The EC2 Idle Instances table lists the following information for each idle instance. You can sort columns in tables alphabetically, or by size. For more information, see Managing charts and tables in Views.

ColumnDescriptionStatistical type Metrics 
Instance Name

Name of the EC2 idle instance. Clicking on one of the instances in this column of the summary view takes you to the details view.

Last Value NAME
Availability ZoneName of the availability zone to which this instance belongs to.Last ValueAVAILABILITY_ZONE
Requested Instance Type
Instance type specifies the required resources to run this instance.
Idle Days

Number of days this instance was detected to be idle.

Last ValueComputed using CPU_UTIL
CPU [cores]Number of virtual CPUs that are configured for the virtual machineLast ValueCPU_NUM
CPU Util [%]Percentage of total CPU utilized by the selected instance.95th percentileCPU_UTIL
Memory [GB]Total physical memory capacity in the selected instance, measured in GB.Last valueTOTAL_REAL_MEM
Real MemoryUtil[%]Percentage of real physical memory utilized by the instance. This metric excludes the memory assigned to the file system cache and it is displayed only if the additional monitoring scripts are scheduled to run on the selected instance.95th percentile MEM_REAL_UTIL
File System Util [%]Percentage of maximum value of utilization of all the file systems configured in this instance.95th percentileSUM (BYFS_USED_SPACE_PCT[MAX])
I/O Rate [MB/s]95th percentile value of the disk input/output rate measured in megabytes per second.95th percentileDISK_TRANSFER_RATE
Network Rate [Mbit/s]

95th percentile value of the network input/output rate measured in megabits per second.

95th PercentileNET_BIT_RATE

For more information about the Days to Saturation and other indicator parameters used for metric computations in this view, see Indicators.

Detailed information about an EC2 instance

After you click the EC2 instance in the Instance Name column, the details for that instance are displayed in the EC2 Instance Details page. The EC2 Instance Details page displays the following information:  

Section or PanelDescription
General details section

General details, such as EC2 instance name and type are displayed. The type is Virtual Machine - AWS.

Related Information panel

Links in the Related Information panel displays other information related to the selected instance. 

Summary tab

Summary tab, displayed by default, shows details for the selected instance in a horizontal summary table, as well as charts. 

Core metrics for the selected entity are displayed as analysis charts, depending on available data. At the bottom of each chart is a link that takes you to the Data Explorer view for the specific resource type, and displays charts and information for a larger set of metrics.

To return to this page, click the arrow icon on the top-right side in the Data Explorer tab.


The data displayed in Data Explorer view charts for any resource part of this view category, is based on the time filter that is applied to the primary view in this tab. You can select Advanced time periods (other than default/basic) from the Data Explorer view for the selected resource, to view charts over a different time resolution.

Configuration Details tabDisplays the configuration matrix for the selected instance. 
File Systems

Displays information for all file systems of the instance. For more information, see File Systems of the instance.

File Systems of the instance

The File Systems tab in the EC2 Instance Details page displays the following information for all file systems of the selected instance.

ColumnDescriptionStatistical Type Metrics 
File System

Name of the file system of this instance.

File System Util [%]Percentage of total file system utilization of a partition by the selected instance.95th percentileBYFS_USED_SPACE_PCT
File System Trend [%]Daily growth rate of the file system.TrendComputed using BYFS_USED_SPACE_PCT trend
Days to SaturationProjected amount of time before the file system runs out of available storage capacity. A number of days to saturation is reported here.

Computed using total capacity and 95th utilization of file system

Computed using BYFS_USED_SPACE_PCT  trend 

For more information about the Days to Saturation and other indicator parameters used for metric computations in this view, see Indicators.

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