Configuring the Custom text template

The Custom text template enables you to add customized text and images to a view page. You can use this page to include introductory content for your custom view or to add summarized information about other pages in the custom view. You can add descriptions, instructions, or any other textual information. You can use markdown tags to format the content of custom text and to add images, links, and tables.

To understand how to use markdown tags, see Examples

To configure a view page using the Custom text template

The following video (4:04) illustrates the process of creating a custom view page by using the Custom text template.


This video describes the functionality of TrueSight Capacity Optimization, but it is valid for BMC Helix Continuous Optimization too.

  1. Open the view page with the Custom text template:

  2. In the view page, specify the following information:

    • Title: Type the required title for the page.

    • Editor: Type the required content and format it by using markdown tags. For example, use * to create an unordered list, # to increase the font size, and so on.
      A preview of the formatted content appears in the Preview area.

    • Insert image: To add an image, complete the following steps:
      1. Click Insert Image.
      2. Browse and upload the required image. 
        You can upload multiple images.

      3. (Optional): To specify or modify the short name for the image, click  and type the required short name.
      4. Select the check box for one or more images, and click Apply.
        Selected images are added at the after the custom in the Editor box and displayed in the Preview area. 
  3. Click Apply to save the custom content.

Examples of a view page with the Custom text template

Sample image of the custom view page in the Edit mode.

Sample images of the saved custom view page.

For more information about markdown tags, see  Showdown's Markdown syntax Open link .

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