Adding recommendations to the System details template

When you add recommendations in the System details template, the recommendations are displayed as links at the top of the page in the Recommendations panel. Icons before the link denote the severity level of the problem, or the efficiency level of the resource. If there are no recommendations, the Recommendations panel is blank.

Custom views that are created using the Systems details template, display a set of recommended actions to help you resolve capacity-related problems in your environment. You must enable Show recommendations in the template when you create the custom view, to enable the display of recommendations. For more information, see Systems details template.


Severity or Efficiency icons

Severity/Efficiency iconDescription
 Severity: Critical
Severity: Warning
Efficiency: Low
Efficiency: Medium
Efficiency: High

Recommendation details

When you click a recommendation link in the Recommendations panel, the following information is displayed:

    • System: Name of the system.
    • Type: Type of recommendation.
    • Severity/Efficiency: Severity level of the problem, or level of efficiency of the resource.
    • Generated on: Date on which the recommendation was generated.
    • Description: Summary of the situation.
    • Optimizer rule: Name of the Optimizer rule that has triggered this recommendation.
    • Recommended actions: List of remedial actions to address the reported problem.
      You can click any hyperlinks to open relevant content in the Administration tab. If you click another link, the tab is refreshed with the new content.
      You can also view related Help by clicking the Online help hyperlink.

Click located at the top-right of the recommendation details box to close it.

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