Top/bottom partitions page in the AIX PowerVM view

The Top/bottom partitions page in the AIX PowerVM view shows partitions sorted by utilization. The utilization sort order is determined by a blended value based on CPU, memory, and file system space used. The blended value is calculated as follows:

(VM_CPU_COST x [CPU Used]) + (VM_MEMORY_COST x [Memory Used]) + (VM_STORAGE_COST x [File System Used])

The default values for the following parameters are as follows. These values can be modified from the settings page.

  • VM_CPU_COST = 250
  • VM_MEMORY_COST = 150
  • VM_STORAGE = 3

To access the page, select Views > Virtualization > AIX Views > PowerVM, and click the Tob/Bottom Partitions tab.

Top and bottom partitions

The Top/bottom Partitions table lists all partitions (in the selected domain) based on their rank, which in turn are based on various metrics that constitute the columns in the Top/Bottom Partitions table.

Each row corresponds to a PowerVM partition and shows the following information: 


By default, some columns are hidden. You can show or hide columns using the action menuthat is located next to the Allocated Capacity table title. For more information, see Sorting a table in the Helix Capacity Optimization Dashboard.

PowerVM Top/Bottom Partitions table: Description of columns



RankA unique numerical index that classifies all existing VMs in terms of resource (CPU, memory, file system storage) consumption. The higher the number, the higher the resource consumption. The rank for the partition is based on the blended value computed as described at the top of this page.Last value



Name of the partition.

Last valueNAME 


Name of the frame the partition belongs to.

Last valueHost name retrieved using relationship VH_CONTAINS_GM 

CPU Utilization [%]

Percentage of CPU used by the partition, normalized by the number of dedicated processors for DLPAR and by the number of virtual processors for SPLPAR.

95th PercentileCPU_UTIL
Real Memory Utilization [%]

Real memory utilization of the system, excluding the amount of memory used by the buffer cache normalized by the memory configured for the partition.

95th PercentileMEM_REAL_UTIL

Memory Util [%]

Memory used by the partition, normalized by the memory configured for the partition.

95th PercentileMEM_UTIL

File System Utilization [%]

File system utilization computed by aggregating the usage of all the file systems in the partition.

95th Percentile TOTAL_FS_UTIL

Details of a partition

Click its name in the Top/bottom Partitions table. The following partition details appear:

  • General details of the partition, such as name, type and tags
  • Configuration data for the partition
  • Analysis charts for the partition's resources, depending on available data

Related information

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