Recovering the Manager runs

The list of manager runs displayed on the Status / Recover Runs page is obtained from the exception  reports generated on the selected remote console and UCM reports. Discrete statistics for collect,transfer and processing operations are provided along with database population information. This page lists the Manager runs that are currently running and that have finished running.

To check and recover runs

  1. Navigate to Administration > Gateway Manager > Gateway Operations.
  2. Click Status / Recover Runs.
  3. Under Recover Manager Runs, click the Summary tab.
  4. To filter the list of runs, select a Gateway ServerManager Run, or, in the Manager Run Filter, type a string, and then click the filter icon.
    You can include wildcard expressions (for example: test*t**sttest?1, and so on) in the Manager Run Filter, which is case-sensitive.
  5. To sort the list of runs, click one of the following table column headers: Run NameRun DateStatusConsole, or Last Recovered.


    The Collect Fail column may count an error for some warning states while in running state.

  6. To view detailed status, and completion information on recovered runs, click the Detail tab. On this tab, you can click the values in the following columns to view more information or to perform other operations
    1. Run Name: Click the run name to modify run properties. For more information, see Creating new Manager runs.
    2. Populate Status: Click on the status to open a pop-up window and view more information about it. The status can be OK, WARNING, or ERROR.
    3. Exception Report: Click View to open the exception report in a pop-up window.
  7. Select one or more runs.
  8. Click Recover.

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