Partitions Exceeding Entitlement page in the AIX PowerVM view

The Partitions Exceeding Entitlement page in the AIX PowerVM view shows all AIX shared pool logical partitions (SPLPARs) that exceed the allocated entitlement value. If the entitlement is not capped, SPLPARs can exceed their entitlement as long as the resources are available in the pool.

To access the page, select Views > Virtualization > AIX Views > PowerVM, and click the Partitions Exceeding Entitlement tab.

Partitions exceeding entitlement

The Partitions Exceeding Entitlement table lists all PowerVM partitions exceeding their default entitlement levels.

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Each row corresponds to a PowerVM partition and shows the following information:




Partition Name

Name of the partition.

Last valueNAME

Host Name

Name of the frame the partition belongs to.

Last valueHost name retrieved using relationship VH_CONTAINS_GM

CPU Entitlement

Number of CPU cores allocated to the partition expressed in terms of processors.

Last valueCPU_ENTC

CPU Entitlement Used [%]

Percentage of CPU used by the partition, normalized by the CPU entitlement. This metric applies to SPLPARs only.

95th Percentile


Pool Name

Name of the pool the partition belongs to.

Last valuePool name retrieved using relationship RP_CONTAINS_GM

Pool Processors

Number of processors present in the pool.

Last valueCPU_NUM of the parent pool 

Partition Pool Utilization [%]

CPU utilization of the partition normalized by the number of processors allocated to the pool.

95th PercentilePartition CPU_UTIL, Pool CPU_NUM

Details of a partition

Click the name of a partition in the Partitions Exceeding Entitlement table. The following partition details appear:

  • General details of the partition, such as name, type and tags
  • Configuration data for the partition
  • Analysis charts for the partition's resources, depending on available data

Related information

The Related Information panel at the top of the page contains the following link:

ThresholdsThe thresholds page allows you to view and manage threshold settings for the selected AIX logical partition. See Configuring and managing thresholds for metrics and indicators for detailed information.

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