Hosts page in the AIX WPAR view

The Hosts page in the AIX WPAR view provides an overview of all available hosts in the AIX WPAR virtualization environment belonging to a selected domain, including details about CPU, pool and memory utilization, memory usage trends, unused resources and more.

To access the page, select Views > Virtualization > AIX Views > WPAR, and click the Hosts tab.

WPAR host

The WPAR Host View table lists all WPAR hosts in the selected domain. Each row corresponds to a WPAR host and shows the following information:





Name of the WPAR host.

Last valueNAME


Name of the frame if WPAR is hosted in an LPAR.

Last valueIf WPAR Host is LPAR or SPLPAR then frame name is retrieved using relationship VH_CONTAINS_GM   


Partition type of the WPAR host, WPAR can be hosted by a standalone AIX server or an LPAR partition. Values can be LPAR, SPLPAR or Physical.

Last valueSet to LPAR, SPLPAR or Physical based on SYSTYPEID 

CPU [Cores]

Number of CPU cores in the host.

Last valueCPU_NUM

Unused Cores

Number of unused CPU cores.

Computed metric - based on 95th percentile of CPU usageComputed using CPU_UTIL and CPU_NUM

Total vCPUs

Total number of virtual CPU cores assigned to the WPAR partitions in the WPAR host.

Aggregated using the Last value of virtual CPUs assigned to the WPARsSUM of WPAR.CPU_NUM

CPU Util [%]

CPU used by the WPAR host normalized by the total number of CPU cores available in the host.

95th PercentileCPU_UTIL 

Memory [GB]

The total amount of memory configured on the host.


Memory Util [%]

Memory used by the WPAR host normalized by the total memory of the host.

95th PercentileMEM_UTIL 

Real Memory Util [%]

The real memory utilization of the system excluding the amount of memory used by the buffer cache, normalized by the total memory of the host.

95th PercentileMEM_REAL_UTIL

Unused Memory [GB]

Unused memory available to the host.

Computed metric - based on 95th Percentile of memory usageComputed using MEM_UTIL and TOTAL_REAL_MEM
Total Spec RatingThe total SPEC benchmark performance rating of the host, based on the CPU model and number of CPU cores.Last value


Unused Spec [rating]Unused SPEC rating of the host, based on CPU utilization and the total SPEC rating.Computed metric - based on 95th Percentile of CPU usage

Computed using CPU_UTIL and BYBENCHMARK_VALUE[2006]

Configured PartitionsThe total number of configured workload partitions in the WPAR host.Last valueCount of the number of WPARs running on the WPAR host computed using relationship VH_CONTAINS_GM
Disk I/O Rate [MB/s]Disk input/output rate, measured in megabytes per second.95th Percentile
Network Rate [MBit/s]Network received/transmitted rate, measured in megabits per second.95th Percentile


CPU Frequency [GHz]

Processing capacity of the CPU in Gigahertz.


WPAR host details

To view the details of the required host, click name of the WPAR host in the WPAR Host view table to view the details page. The following details are displayed in the Host details page:

  • General details of the host, such as name, type and tags
  • Tags panel: Displays tags, if any, that are associated with the cluster.  For more information, see Working with tag filters. 
  • Related Information: The Related Information panel at the top of the page contains the following links:
  • Summary information: The Summary tab, that is displayed by default, displays details for the selected cluster in a horizontal summary table, as well as charts.
    For more information, see Data Explorer views for WPAR Hosts.
  • Configuration Details: The Configuration Details tab displays the configuration metrics for the cluster. 
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