Configuring authorization profiles

As an administrator, you can manage users, groups, and roles in BMC Helix Portal For details, see  Role-based access control Open link

Use the Authorization Profiles page in BMC Helix Continuous Optimization to:

  • View the user groups for which authorization profiles are defined.

  • View the domains that a user group is authorized to access.

  • Authorize a user group to access specific domains.

  • Modify an authorization profile to change the access for domains.

  • Delete authorization profiles.

When creating or modifying an authorization profile, you are authorizing a user group to access specific domains.

Before you begin

  • User groups must be created in BMC Helix Portal. For details, see  Setting up groups Open link .
  • Domains must be available. For details, see Setting up and managing domains in your workspace.
  • You must have access to the user groups and domains to include in the authorization profile.

Adding an Authorization Profile

An authorization profile is associated with a user group. So, the authorization profile is created with the same name as the user group.

  1. On the Administration > Authorization Profiles page, click Add Authorization Profile.

    If all the user groups that are created in BMC Helix Portal are already assigned to an authorization profile, the Add Authorization Profile option is not displayed.

  2. From the Provide visibility to the user group list, select a user group that you have configured in BMC Helix Portal
    Only the user groups that are not assigned to an authorization profile are displayed.

  3. In the Visible domains section, expand and select the domains which you want the user group to access. 
    If you select a parent domain, the user group will be authorized to access all the sub-domains automatically. 

  4. Save the authorization profile. 
  5. The Visible domains table displays the domains that you have selected. You can update the domain selection.

Now, the users of this group have access to the domains that you have selected. 

You can associate a user group to only one authorization profile. If you want to add or update the domains to which the users have access, edit the existing authorization profile.

Editing or deleting an authorization profile

You can edit an authorization profile when you want to modify any of the domains selected for a user group. 

  1. Select an authorization profile to edit or delete from the Authorization Profiles table. Alternately, you can also use the  icons to perform these actions directly.
    The domains associated with the selected authorization profile is displayed.
  2. Click Edit or Delete.
    • On clicking Edit, the list of visible domains is displayed. Change your domain selections and click Save.
    • On clicking Delete, a confirmation message is displayed. Click OK to delete the selected authorization profile.

When editing an authorization profile, you can click  to delete single domains that you no longer want the user group to access. 

Deleting a domain group also removes all its descendants. Similarly, when a sub-domain is created under one of the domains authorized to view, all users of the group will be able to view it.

  • Adding, editing, or deleting an authorization profile might take time to complete.
  • If a user group is deleted in BMC Helix Portal, the authorization profile is automatically deleted from BMC Helix Continuous Optimization.

Configuring authorization profile for views

To configure an authorization profile for views or view groups, use the Capacity Views page in BMC Helix Continuous Optimization. For more information, see Managing views

Teresa is a Kubernetes Technology Specialist in an IT organization. She wants to use BMC Helix Continuous Optimization to monitor the Kubernetes infrastructure. With Kubernetes views, Teresa can quickly and easily get the information that she wants.
To provide Teresa the required permissions, the administrator performs the following steps:

  1. Tim, the tenant administrator, creates a user group and adds Teresa.
    1. Log in to BMC Helix Portal.
    2. Set up a user credentials for Teresa.
    3. Create a user group (for example, Kubernetes_operators) and add Teresa to this user group.

For more information about creating users and user groups, see Setting up groups Open link .

  1. Alan, the Helix administrator, creates an authorization group.
    1. Log in to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization.
    2. Click Administration > Authorization Profiles.
    3. Specify an access group name and a description.
    4. Select the user group name you created in BMC Helix Portal to associate with the authorization profile. For example, Kubernetes_operators.
    5. Save the changes.
  2. Alan modifies the access rights for Kubernetes views.
    1. Log in to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization and click Views tab.
    2. From the left pane, select Manage Views.
    3. From the action menu that is located next to the Kubernetes view , click Edit access rights.
    4. In the Grant visibility to authorization profiles dialog box, select the authorization profile that you created.
    5. Click Apply.

Teresa can now access the Kubernetes views.

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