Users and authorization profiles

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization leverages BMC Helix Portal to provide single sign-on authentication for users. In BMC Helix Portal, you can create users and user groups, and modify the user information. After creating user groups, you can authorize the user groups to access specific domains. BMC Helix Continuous Optimization enables you to manage user authorization for the user groups that are created in BMC Helix Portal

Authorization profiles

Authorization profiles provide role-based access control by associating users who belong to one or more user groups with specific domains. By default, any user who is a member of the Administrators user group can create, edit, and delete authorization profiles.

Consider this example: Paul, an administrator, wants to group the users into two regions, East and West with entities at each site. Paul has already imported the entities in 3 domains in the Workspace. Now, Paul wants to allow users in each region access to domains in their region. Paul performs the following steps:

  1.  Create a user group in BMC Helix Portal Open link .
    It is a good practice to create user groups (example, administrator_East) according to the level of authorization required.
  2. Assign users to the user groups. Open link
  3. Log in to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization.
  4. Navigate to Administration > Authorization Profiles.
  5. Add an authorization profile for the user group and provide access to the domains. For details, see Adding an Authorization Profile.
    Now, the users in the administrator_East user group will have access to the 3 domains that you have configured in the authorization profile.

Suppose, Paul wants to provide access to additional domains to the user group, administrator_East, he can edit the existing authorization profile. For details, see Editing an authorization profile.

To log in to BMC Helix Portal, use the URLs and credentials that you received in the welcome email. For details, see Getting started.

The following video (3:14) illustrates the process of configuring authorization profiles.

Users and User groups

From BMC Helix Continuous Optimization, you cannot view, modify, or delete users and user groups. You must log in to BMC Helix Portal as a tenant administrator and perform the changes. To access BMC Helix Portal, click the link in your welcome email from BMC.

Some default user roles and permissions are available out-of-the-box when you subscribe to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization. For details, see Default user roles and permissions.

User authentication

To enable integration with your identity provider, contact the BMC SaaS Service Desk or your Onboarding Project Manager. For details, see  Authentication options Open link .

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