Troubleshooting data marts

When you migrate data marts from TrueSight Capacity Optimization to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization, some of the data marts might fail because they use unsupported tables and public views.

Issue symptoms

In the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization console, the Data marts page shows the summary of all the out-of-the-box and custom data marts that includes the following statuses:

  • OK - The data mart is working as expected.
  • Warning - One or more dependent data marts are not working.
  • Error - The data mart is using a table or view that is not available or supported.

Issue scope

This issue might occur after migrating data marts from TrueSight Capacity Optimization to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization.


Review the data mart details to investigate and troubleshoot issues. Perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization console.
  2. Select Administration > Data Marts.

  3. On the Data marts page, click the name of the data mart with the Error or Warning status.
    The following data mart details are displayed:
    • Reasons for the data mart failure
    • Suggested solutions to fix the issues
  4. Click Show More and review the additional details for the failure reasons and suggested solutions.
  5. Perform the suggested actions:
    • If the missing data can be extracted by using a summary data mart, create the summary data mart.

      1. Click Create Summary datamart.
      2. Click Missing information and provide the details for the entity and time filters.
      3. Save the changes.
      4. Click Edit SQL Code and change to the new summary data mart that you created.
    • If the data mart does not retrieve any metrics, create an entity filter to use the entities of the suggested domain.

      1. Click Create Entity filter.
      2. Provide the required details, and save the changes. For more information, see Managing entity filters.
      3. Select this entity filter while creating a new summary data mart.
      4. Delete this data mart.
    • If the data mart is dependent on other data marts, resolve issues in the dependent data marts.

      1. Click fix the first dependency.
      2. Follow the suggested actions to fix the issues.
      3. Navigate to the remaining dependent data marts and fix their issues.
  6. On the Data marts page, verify that the data mart status is changed to OK.
  7. Repeat these steps to resolve issues in the other data marts with the Error or Warning status.

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