Storage views


The Storage views enable you to view and manage the capacity of the major storage platforms. These views present key capacity metrics and charts for the storage systems, storage pools, volumes, hosts, filers and shares present in your environment.

You can use these views to know how much capacity has been allocated and consumed, identify possible risks of saturation and oversubscription, and determine top-consumers.  



The capacity consumed by the virtual machines cannot be represented by the Storage views because the logical assembly of datastores is not visible.

 The Storage views leverage the storage connectors to collect all the metrics required for:

  • allocating storage capacity to new servers
  • analyzing storage capacity utilization
  • reclaiming unused storage capacity
  • reporting the capacity consumed per host
  • reporting the capacity consumed per share

Certified data sources

The certified data sources for these views are as follows:

  • Storage - Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager Extractor
  • Storage - Dell EMC Unity CIM Server Extractor
  • Storage - Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage REST API Extractor
  • Storage - EMC XtremIO Management Server Extractor
  • Storage - Hitachi Device Manager Extractor
  • Storage - HP 3PAR Extractor
  • Storage IBM SVC-Storwize CIM Agent Extractor
  • Storage - IBM XiV Extractor
  • Storage - Pure Storage REST API Extractor
  • Storage - All-in-One Extractor Service

Depending on the storage systems that compose your datacenter, you will have to configure and run one or several of these ETL modules to import data into the view. For more information, see:  

Data visibility

The views display data for:

  • hosts
  • storage systems
  • storage filers
  • storage pools
  • storage volumes
  • storage shares

Using the views

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