Hadoop view

The Hadoop view is designed to manage the capacity of Hadoop deployments, providing ready and valuable answers to decision makers. By presenting key capacity metrics and relevant charts, the Hadoop View enables to:

  • Understand the current level of utilization for the Hadoop instances
  • Identify future capacity saturation

both in terms of the underlying infrastructure, for example, CPU, memory, and network and of more Hadoop-specific metrics, such as Map Reduce tasks.

Moviri Integrator for BMC Helix Continuous Optimization - Hadoop view is compatible with BMC Helix Continuous Optimization 19.11 and onward.


Ensure that the administrator has completed the following tasks:

For information about views, see Accessing and using capacity views in the Helix Capacity Optimization Dashboard.

Certified data sources

The certified data sources for these views are as follows:

You must configure and run one of these ETL modules to import data into the view.

If you are importing data from an ETL module other than the certified data source, then ensure that you have all the metrics populated in the ETL module so that the view shows the data.

Certain metrics are required for these views. If the metrics are not imported into the database, then corresponding columns are blank. Particularly for Data Explorer view for this platform, you must import specific metrics for some of the charts to be available.

Data visibility

The views display data for all systems of the following types:

  • Hadoop Clusters
  • Hadoop Nodes
  • Hadoop HDFS Resource Manager

  • Hadoop YARN Resource Manager

  • Hadoop Resource Pool

Using the view

To access the view, in the Helix Capacity Optimization Dashboard navigation pane, select Capacity Views > Hadoop > Hadoop Views.

Hadoop View with sample data

You can choose to view the data for a specific domain, tag, or time period by using the corresponding filters. For more information, see Using filtering options in views in the Helix Capacity Optimization Dashboard.
For more information, see the following topics:

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