Configuring the Data Mart Materializer task

A Data Mart Materializer task is responsible for the materialization of the Data Mart. Depending on the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization deployment, there can several tasks belonging to this category, that materialize data marts at different frequencies. Materializer Task creates a table and populates it with the content of the data mart.

Any data mart can be scheduled by associating it to a Data Mart Materializer task.

The following details must be entered for the Run configuration of the task:

General configuration
NameType a name for the task.
EnvironmentSelect if the task should be in the Test or Production environment.
DescriptionType a description for the task.
(Advanced mode) Scheduling options
Hour maskSelect the time of the day when the task is scheduled to run.
Day of week maskSelect the days of the week to schedule the task.
Day of month maskSelect the days of the month to schedule the task.
Apply mask validationSelect if you want to mask the validation or not.
Execute after timeSpecify the time period after which the scheduler task must be executed.
EnqueueableSelect if you want the task to be enqueued if other tasks are being executed.

Force materialization

The Data Mart Materializer task runs according to the configured schedule. If the ETL populates new data, it might take up to a next run of Data Mart materializer task to see the updated data in capacity views. You can add a custom property to force materialize the task and see the latest data in capacity views.

Do the following:

  1. Click the required Data Mart Materializer task name in the task summary table. The task details page is displayed.
  2. In the Run configuration table, click edit this run configuration.
  3. Click the You can manually edit ETL properties from this page link at the bottom of the edit run configuration page.
  4. In the Add new property field at the bottom of the page, enter the new custom property as er.materializer.force, and click Add.
  5. Locate this new property in the list of properties, and then type a value as true.
  6. Click Save.
  7. On the System tasks page, locate the updated Data Mart Materializer task, and click Run the active run configuration.

The Data Mart Materialization task is run and latest data is updated in the views. 

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