Migrating to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization

This information is for existing customers of TrueSight Capacity Optimization. It provides information on how to migrate data from TrueSight Capacity Optimization to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization by using the out-of-the-box migration toolkit, which is provided by BMC Helix Continuous Optimization.

To plan for migration:

  • Make sure that TrueSight Capacity Optimization is upgraded to version 20.02. To migrate data from a version earlier than 20.02, you must first upgrade to 20.02 and then migrate data to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization. For more information, see  TrueSight Capacity Optimization 20.02 Open link .
  • Make sure that all features of TrueSight Capacity Optimization that you need are available in BMC Helix Continuous Optimization. To know what is different in BMC Helix Continuous Optimization, see Key considerations for migration.
  • Understand the migration process.
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