Gateway Manager Logs

The Administration > Gateway Manager > Gateway Logs section enables you to view the Manager Run logs.

You can view the Manager Run Logs and filter to select and download specific logs to your computer.

  1. Click Administration > Gateway Manager > Gateway Logs > Manager Run Logs.
  2. Select the following additional filters, as required:
    1. Gateway Server: Select the Console from the list or select [All] to view the Manager Run logs for all the consoles.
    2. Manager Run: Select the Manager Run to view specific logs.
    3. Manager Run Filter: Type a Manager Run name or wildcard expression such as *win.
    4. Date Filter: Select a date from the list to view logs for Manager Runs for a specific date.
  3. Click the name of the Manager Run to view the properties of the Manager Run. For details, see Creating new Manager runs.
  4. Click view to view the run log for the corresponding Manager Run in a popup window. 

    Click Save to download the log to your computer.

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