Editing an analysis

After creating a new analysis, you can select it from the Works page and edit it by using either the Basic or Advanced mode. After selecting a mode, edit the analysis properties by selecting a tab and modifying its options.

To edit an analysis

  1. Navigate to Workspace > Domains, Services & Applications > Domain > Works and click the analysis you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit.
    The Edit analysis page displays several tabs based on the editing mode. Modify the required properties in each tab and save the analysis.

    Editing modeTabs displayedDescription
    Basic (default)

    Edit a common set of
    configuration properties
    for an analysis.
    GeneralEdit basic properties for an analysis, such as Name, Description, Template group, Timezone, Access Mode, and so on. For details, see Editing general properties.
    FiltersEdit the filters for analysis to restrict the resources to investigate in an analysis using two main types of filters: Entity, metric, and subresource filters, and time filters. For details, see the Editing filters for an analysis.
    Entity, metric and subresource filtersEdit parameters that are used to filter the resources investigated in an analysis. For details, see Editing entity, metric and subresource filters.
    Time filterEdit the time filter for an analysis. For details, see Editing time filter.
    Chart optionsEdit chart options for an analysis, such as X/Y axes information, Ticks Format, Sort, n-Series filtering. For details, see Editing chart options for an analysis.
    TrendlinesEdit trendline display options for an analysis, such as Horizontal Line/Threshold information. For details, see Editing trendline options.

    Click Advanced in the Edit
    analysis page to edit advanced
    configuration properties for an
    All tabs displayed in the Basic mode, and the following tabs:
    EstimationEdit estimation properties for an analysis, such as estimation method and type, and residual estimation utilization. For details, see Editing Estimation properties for an analysis.
    Group optionsEdit Series aggregation and Group functions for an analysis. For details, see Editing group options.
    Metrics StyleEdit Metric Type and Color properties for an analysis. For details, see Editing metric styles.
    Forecasted valuesEdit Forecasted values for an analysis to display current values along with forecasted values. This tab is displayed only when forecasted values are present. For details, see 2022-11-10_03-23-41_Editing forecasted values for an analysis.
    Statistics selectionEdit statistic properties for an analysis, such as custom or specific statistics for metrics. For details, see Editing statistic selections.

After editing an analysis, you might want to Customize the analysis output charts.

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