Configuring the Optimizer task

The Optimizer task evaluates alert rules and threshold violations on collected data and enables automatic alerting, as detailed in the Configuring alerts and recommendations section.

To configure an existing Optimizer task

  1. Navigate to Administration > ETL & SYSTEM TASKS > System tasks. In the System tasks table, click the appropriate Optimizer task name. The task details page is displayed.
  2. In the Run configurations section, click Edit .
  3. To display all the available properties, click Advanced. The Scheduling options tab is also displayed.
  4. To update the general properties, in the General configuration section, specify name, deploy status or environment, and description. 

  5. To configure the start and end run dates, click the Customized execution date tab and update the following parameters:
    • Start date: The first day this task will be run.
    • Stop date: The last day this task will run.
  6. (Advanced) To configure specific scheduling options, click the Scheduling options tab and specify the following:
    • Configure a specific hour, or day in a week or a month when you do not want the task to run by providing values in following fields:
      • Hour mask: Specify a value to execute the task only during particular hours within the day. For example, 0 - 23 or 1,3,5 -12.
      • Day of week mask: Select the days so that the task can be executed only during the selected days of the week.
      • Day of month mask: Specify a value to execute the task only during particular days within a month. For example, 5,9,18,27 - 31.
      • Apply mask validation: By default this property is set to true. Set it to false you want to disable the preceding Scheduling options that you specified. Setting it to False is useful if you want to temporarily turn off the mask validation without removing any values.
    • In the Execute after time field, specify the time in the hours:minutes format (for example, 05:00 or 23:30:00) after which you want the task to run. Once the task is scheduled, the task execution starts only after the specified time passes.
    • In the Enqueable list, select whether you want the task to be enqueable or not.
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