Computation details for the supported growth

The Business services view provides the supported growth of business drivers that are associated with business services. The extent to which a business driver can grow depends on the resources that are allocated to the service pools that run the business service. These business service resources are dependent on the underlying infrastructure that is used to run the service. The infrastructure can be a virtualized platform such as VMware or a containerized platform such as Kubernetes. 

Resources at the service pool or deployment level are correlated with the business driver metrics. This correlation is used to forecast growth. For example, the growth in the business driver such as page views is decided based on the available resources at the pool level. The resource consumption changes according to the changes in page views as they are correlated. The growth that is forecasted at the pool level is then aggregated to the business service by considering the CPU, memory, and storage resources.

The supported growth is based on the reference value, which is computed based on the 95th percentile value of the business driver metric for the last seven days.

For information about the metrics that are used for the supported growth, see Using the advanced editor of the summary data mart wizard.

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